This is a very popular self-priming pump which can withstand voltage fluctuations ranging from 180 to 255 volts. It has a special thermal overload protector which safeguards it from the risk of burning due to high fluctuations. The pump is made in such a way that it is safe from wear and tear.


  • Can withstand wide voltage fluctuations from 180 to 255 Volts.
  • Self-priming with lift up to 3 meters.
  • Has thermal overload protector (TOP) to avoid burning
  • High-quality motor body with chrome plated shaft
  • Runs with IP-44 protection and class ‘B’ insulation.
  • Installed with ball bearing which is double shielded
  • Easy maintenance and handling
  • Light weight and availability of spare parts


  • For water supply in various domestic and business spaces such as bungalows, apartments, hotels and hospitals, etc.
  • Can be used as lawn sprinklers, overhead tanks, watering the gardens, etc.
  • To circulate water in different agencies for personal as we as industrial purposes.


Technical Specifications:

  • Head : 6 to 28 meters.
  • Capacity : 2700 to 450 LPH.
  • Power Rating : 0.37 kW (0.50 HP).
  • Voltage Range : 180 to 255 Volts.

Material of Construction (Standard Supply):

  • Impeller : Bronze.
  • Delivery Casing : Cast Iron.
  • Motor Body : Aluminum.
  • Mounting Casing : Cast Iron.
  • Shaft : Carbon Steel (Chrome Plated.
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