Kirloskar ‘SP-M’ Series Pumps are a highly effective set of pumps. These are single stage, horizontal, centrifugal monobloc pumps which are used for a variety of industrial uses including marine industry, civil construction, mobile machinery and a lot more.


  • Has the capacity to withstand high fluctuations in voltage

    • For single phase – 180 to 240 Volts
    • For three phase – 300 to 440 Volts
  • Highly efficient and effective
  • Self-priming actions which are automated and quick
  • Suspended solids are handled by non-clogging impeller
  • Come with “B” class insulation and great protection
  • Three phase models can be supplied with IP-55 protection
  • Special back pull out design to make the repairs possible without disturbing the connection
  • Food valve not required
  • Replaceable wearing parts make it last longer
  • Easy to maintain
  • Minimum vibrations due to dynamically balanced rotating parts.


  • Marine industry: to pumping water from docks, ports, vessels.
  • Industrial: to pump petroleum products, chemicals, effluents, etc.
  • Civil construction: to de-water the foundation, trenches, and pits.
  • Mobile Machinery: to cool water for marine engines and shovels.
  • Public utilities: for sewage pumping.


  • Head 6- 24 meters.
  • Capacity 17.4 -1.1 LPS.
  • Power Rating 0.75 kW to 3.7 kW (1.0 HP to 5.0 HP).
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