RKB Horizontal Multistage Pump is centrifugal side suction, horizontal pump with a diffuser type casing. The pump is made up to support the anti-friction bearings. It is enclosed with impellers which are made up of radial flow to provide balancing holes. The pump has standardized lubrication which makes it suitable to couple with the electric motors.


  • Gland packed/ Mechanical seal.
  • 50HZ/ 60HZ availability.


  • It can be used for Fire-Fighting purposes
  • Booster Service can also be provided with the help of this pump
  • It becomes very useful at the time of mine dewatering
  • For offering boiler feed


  • Delivery size upto 250 mm.
  • Capacity upto 850m3/hr.
  • Head upto 850 m.
  • Temperature (-) 400C to 1400C.
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