KDS+GMC End Suction Monobloc Pumpset is a really effective pump which can withstand voltage fluctuations ranging from 180-240 volts. The rotating parts are balanced to ensure minimum vibrations. These pumps can be used for gardening as well as small farm irrigation purposes. It can also be utilized in apartments, buildings and hotels for various domestic and institutional purposes.


  • Monobloc pump with a very high speed.
  • Operated efficiently with the help of flatter efficiency curves.
  • Insulated with class “B” insulator
  • Can be used for drinking water purposes
  • Longer and rust free operations due to CED coated wetted components.
  • Easy to replace the parts and hence lasts longer
  • Reduced vibrations due to balanced rotating parts.


  • Gardening and small farm irrigation.
  • Industries for clear water handling.
  • Water supply for use in apartments, buildings and hotels.
  • Air-conditioning, Refrigeration & Cooling towers.


  • Head range Upto 76 m.
  • Discharge range upto 72 lps.
  • Power rating 0.5 HP to 30 HP.
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