Solar powered water pumps are known for their reliability and cost effectiveness. At places where electricity is uncertain as well as fuel and maintenance costs are high, installing such pumps is always recommended. To get the most reliable product, you can visit a prominent solar pump dealer in Punjab. Pumps that run on solar power work wonders for remote locations and can operate during extremely hot and cold days too.

Some of the most common applications of solar powered pumps include:

  • Irrigation for small scale applications
  • Livestock watering for stream and pond protection, prescribed or rotational grazing, and remote pasturing
  • Domestic water supplies for off-grid cabins and homes
  • Agriculture for de-icing, circulation and aeration

A Suitable Site

The site must be appropriately evaluated for the suitability of solar water pump. The following conditions must prevail to create an effective system:

  • The site for the installation of the solar array must be close enough to the actual site of the water pump so as to cut down on the wire size as well as the final cost of installation.
  • Always avoid installing the solar water pump in south direction due to significantly less availability of the lighting required.
  • In the case, if the batteries are required, choose the temperature controlled or reasonably dry place with the appropriate ventilation to make the system more efficient.

A Suitable Size

The size of the solar water pump must be chosen appropriately to meet the requirements efficiently. Scrutinise the amount of water required and if the needs fluctuate from season to season, it is recommended to get the one that caters your highest demand. Know the source from where you need to draw the water, which will either be surface (spring, stream or pond) or a well.

Usually drawing water from wells is preferred because of consistency and quality water available. However, to drill a well at a place with deep water tables is a costly affair.

Determine the following for the existing wells:

  • The quality of water available
  • Seasonal depth variations
  • Static water level
  • The rate of recovery after pumping

Determine the following for surface water sources:

  • The quality of water, including organic debris, silt or any other
  • Seasonal variations in water level

A Suitable Pump Controller

An appropriate solar water pump controller comes standard with an electronic linear current booster, which works the same as the maximum power point tracker controller, to optimise the power to the pump regardless of the huge variations in solar power production. In the case of low light conditions, it contributes significantly to start the pump. The majority of manufacturers offering solar water pumps in Ludhiana recommend the use of their proprietary controllers to experience the most promising results.

A comprehensive range of solar powered water pumps are available and you must vigilantly scrutinise your needs to opt for a suitable pump. Locate and consult with professional water pump dealerships to get the best of your investment.


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