An independent power generation system is the need of the hour for the most industries, business organizations or the different institutions as a standby in the situations of the normal power failure, capacity-related issues, hurricanes etc. Losing power can be more than an inconvenience, and in some situation, it can be life-threatening like in hospitals where many patients are on life support system.

Fortunately, generators have gained much popularity as an essential backup tool for all premises and even used during outdoor parties. In current time also, generators remain the primary source of power supply in the remote areas where electricity pole has reached yet.

With the advancements in technology, generators have come a long way from being extremely noisy, shorter time of efficiency and a pollution causing agent.

Various standbys, efficient and silent power generators are playing their big role to curb power failures in factories, companies, offices and homes also.  Moreover, they’re affordable, safe, quiet, and efficient also.

As per your daily power consumption, it is a big challenge for you to choose the right and efficient generator. Usually, generators are sold by wattage rating.

Mostly electrical machinery or appliances run on electricity using an electric motor. Every electric motor has its own specific wattage as per its capacity to consume electricity. The capacity of a generator is measured as per the calculation of total wattage of machinery or appliances. So, you need to select a generator that delivers enough output wattage to handle the machinery/appliances with the highest startup rating.

Now generators are being manufactured to supply a massive amount of electricity at a harsh weather or environment and according to a specific use. Regular use generators are popularly known as Portable recreational, Portable Industrial, and Portable residential. Other categories of generators include towable, standby and vehicle mounted generators.

All new technology generators are more silent and efficient when compared to the traditional ones and available from a small capacity of 60-250 KVA to heavy duty generators 500- 1000 KVA and primarily run on Diesel.

Some of the advantages of using new age generators are:
•    Low operation and maintenance cost.
•    Easily and readily integrate with other applications.
•    Easy to install or portable
•    Efficiently work in any conditions.
•    Environmental friendly and produce minimum noise.

In summers, power cuts are a sure thing due to high consumption of electricity.  Now, you can easily run your electric motors and appliances with a continuous supply of electricity using suitable environmental friendly and silent generator in Ludhiana.

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If you are looking to select a generator then we can guide and help you to determine a suitable option as per your work need.  So, don’t wait, call us now!

Our technician will visit your site to understand your requirements and finally advise various suitable options that you can select from.

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