High vibration is a common problem that may affect overall running and efficiency of a water pump. There can be many reasons behind the motor vibrations that generally arise due to a mechanical issue with the motor, pump, coupling or even hydraulic forces from the pump.  After a certain period of time you cannot avoid it. Moreover, sometimes these vibration problems in water pump can be connected and interacted.

Kirloskar Pump Supplier in HimachalIt is always better to know the cause of the underlying vibratory forces to avoid further serious damage to water pump.
Commonly there are four basic causes behind Motor Vibration Problems on Water Pump as described below:

1.    Electrical Issue.
In a water pump set, vibrations and noise arises due to imbalance of magnetic force in the electric motor. This is because of nonconformity of magnetic center that results in big air gap and thereby causes the periodic vibration and noise.

2.    Mechanical Issue.
This issue arises due to unqualified installation or imbalanced unit spool thread or using parts with the weak mechanical strength and so on. This causes imbalance between the rotatable parts and electric motor of the water pump.

Beside this sometimes bearing or the sealing parts of water pump are seriously corroded destroyed to cause serious vibration or noise.

3.     Hydraulic Issue
This causes because of uneven pressure or flow speed in the water pump distribution that lead to vibration and noise. Also, various other reasons like separation of flow, current bias or streaming around can give rise to the cavitations causing vibration. Moreover, during the start-up and shut-down of the water pump or a sudden change in pipeline pressure can leads to the vibrations in the water pump set.

4.    Other Issues- Like incompatible or unreasonable water pump design hampering the flow passage, improper installation of the pump set, improper start-up and shut-down, can adversely hamper the water entry  in to the motor to bring out the swirls or cause the cavitations.

We hope by keeping all above factors in mind you can prevent your water pump unit suffering from any serious damage and further enhancing its long lasting performance.

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