If you have a water pump that is working at its peak efficiency then it will use lesser fuel, but there will be incidents when it may not function properly. The preventive maintenance measures will help you maintain the system properly. The pump units like spare parts and distribution equipment should be checked and maintenance should be performed on regular basis, as it will ensure the effective operation of the water pump. If you need to buy spare parts then always opt to buy from a certified Kirloskar spare parts dealer, as they have a long life and you will have to spend lesser to get it serviced.

There are many methods for maintenance of water pumps, but here are some issues given which you can identify and find out the potential solution for it.

  • Check the Leaking Seals – The purpose of the seal is to prevent leakage but all seals leak at some point. In order to locate the reason of this issue, you have to carry out vacuum check. The pump should be loaded with water when contrasted and held by the volute packaging with the end goal of self-priming. The suction flap valve needs to be closed, then prime the volute casing and then finally start the pump.
  • Know the Variations in Pump Flow – Besides other indications, this one gets easily noticed. The pump takes longer time than usual to carry out the same task. The main reason for this can be plugged suction line, collapsed suction hose lining, leaking gasket, etc. When the pump is in functional mode make sure that you measure the suction vacuum and discharge pressure.
  • Correct Noisy Pumps – Is your water pump making a loud noise, and you do not know how to stop it? The main reason behind this could be a collapsed lining, clogged strainer, the excessive height of suction lift, or the extra length of the suction hose. This could also be due to the failure of the spare parts or bearings. The solution for this is to wrap the pipe where it meets the floor, wall or basin with foam insulation. Also, line the water pump cover with rubber castings. It takes away the rattling sound.
  • Rectify Problem with Overheating of the Pump – The main reason behind this issue is the restriction into or out of the pump. The slowing down of the re-priming is the incorrect clearance of the impeller. The recirculation port or the suction strainer in the volute might have got blocked. It is advised to let the pump cool down totally before opening it.

Make sure that you make yourself familiar with the above issues and their potential solutions. It is wise to check your system once in a while. Test it after you first installed, to make sure it works properly. Review the instructions leaflet that comes with the water pump. You also might need to occasionally clean out the pipelines connected to the pump.

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