Electric motors are the leading power sources that regulate the speed, performance, and torque in some of the most important residential, industrial and commercial machines. You can either search online for the electric motor dealers in Ludhiana or walk into the authorized dealer shop to find the best quality products. Electric motors may also turn out to be the largest consumers of electricity and can cause expensive downtime if not maintained appropriately.

Fortunately, you can take the following steps to improve the performance and life of your electric motor and cut the cost significantly:

  1. Soft Start the Motor3 Tips to Save Energy and Money with Electric Motor

The three-phase motors can start in three different ways without the use of VFD:

  • Hard Start: It is direct-on-line start with a high starting current which may be around 6 to 10 times the rated motor current. During this start, the motor reaches the full speed instantaneously and may result in belt slippage, wear and tear of the bearings or gears and possible damage to the other components as well.
  • Star Delta Start: It uses the contractors and a timer so as to switch between star-position for starting (utilizing 30% current initially & 25% starting torque) and then moving to delta for a full
  • Soft Start: In this, the power is gradually applied to the motor and the initial jolt is minimized.

Soft starts are the most efficient and the safest of these three aforementioned ways. It protects the facility from excessive voltage, blown fuses, and compromised electrical flow to other applications in the warehouse. Soft starters use thyristors, silicon controlled rectifiers and semiconductors to control the electric current flow and temperature variations as the motor starts. Thus, it reduces the risk of technical, electrical as well as mechanical failure too.

  1. Motor Drive Maintenance

The Variable Frequency Motor Drives, which is popularly referred to as VFD’s, convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy. It offers controls in order to regulate torque and speed. In fact, a VFD that functions properly can result in up to 55 percent energy cost savings.

Unfortunately, most people put off the motor drive maintenance till a catastrophic failure is experienced by the system. The resulting cost of replacement of the complete motor and the loss of profits due to production downtime during the installation turns out to be more expensive than the cost of routine repair and maintenance. It is the best to tackle electric motor drive problems as soon as they arise so that you can avoid costly repair services at the later stage.

  1.  Size the Motor Correctly

When operated at a full load, even old motors work highly efficiently. However, as soon as the load reduces the efficiency of the motor falls away quickly even for the latest high-efficiency motors. Hence, a high-efficiency motor turns out to be truly efficient when it is used near full load conditions.

It is a good engineering practice to oversize a motor slightly for a particular application. This process will not only extend the life of the motor but will also provide extra capacity when it is needed. In case the motor is oversized, larger than the requirement, it must be re-examined. You can install energy saving motor controllers in saving energy in oversized motors.

You can find a perfect high-efficiency motor at any shop which deals in motors and water pumps in Ludhiana. Hopefully, you find the above-mentioned tips useful to improve the life as well as the performance of your electric motor and save your money at the same time. Do you like these tips? Please comment below!

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